7,000,000 views in 5 days- HS Football player gives most amazing post game…

Need some motivation to start your day? We’ve got the perfect fix in the form of Apollos Hester, a wide receiver for the East View Patriots from Georgetown, Tx., and definitely the most enthusiastic high school football player we’ve seen.

After his team won the game Friday, he turns his post-game interview for TWC News Austin into a motivational speech that’ll make you feel like you can achieve anything.

“Keep smiling, no matter what you’re going through. If you fall down, just get up. If you can’t get up, your friends are there to help you. Your momma’s there, your daddy’s there, God’s there…hey, I’m there to help you up. You’re there, it’s gonna be alright, just keep smiling, man,” he says. Sounds a bit over-the-top for a high school football game, but Apollos delivers it so well that you actually believe him.

As one of the anchors from TWC News Austin points out, “if he doesn’t make it as a football player, he should be an inspirational speaker.”

Check out the video above, and then go do some push-ups!

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