Bob Stoops Thoughts on the Alternate Uniforms

Stoops said it took him a little while to get used to seeing his team on the field in the alternate uniforms on Saturday, but said they grew on him throughout the game.

As for who loved them, Stoops said the important demographic—his players, recruits and other young players he talks to—loved the uniforms. He was quick to mention the Sooners wouldn’t be making it a habit of breaking out the new uniforms often.

Defensive end Geneo Grissom was almost speechless, trying to describe how much he loved the uniforms. He settled for “sick” and said the font for the lettering and numbers were his favorite part. He added he hoped the Sooners would wear them several more times this season.

While Grissom make not get that wish, the Sooners still have a home version to wear, along with a white helmet. It will be at least a month before we see those, as OU doesn’t play in Norman again until Oct. 18 against Kansas State.

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