An unlikely source is calling for Brady Hoke’s firing

Michigan coach Brady Hoke’s hot seat is on fire. Not only is he coming under fire for the squad’s 2-3 record this season, but more recently, Hoke has received a ton of criticism for his handling of what appeared to be a concussion suffered by starting QB Shane Morris.

An unlikely source called for a Hoke’s firing: Michigan’s student newspaper, The Michigan Daily. The paper’s Monday sports section featured a powerful image of Morris getting walked off the field, with the headline “The Last Straw.”

Michigan’s Student Newspaper’s Football Beat Reporters


In the section’s weekly column, titled “Brady Hoke must be fired”, the four students who cover the football beat – Alexa Dettelbach, Max Cohen, Greg Garno and Alejandro Zunia – argue that the way Hoke handled the Morris head injury should be grounds for termination.

Whether Hoke witnessed what occurred on the field or not, it’s his job to know everything that goes on around his football team, with the health of players at the forefront of those responsibilities.

And so it is the position from all four of us on The Michigan Daily Football Beat that Hoke be fired immediately.

The four students also criticized athletic director Dave Brandon for keeping Hoke employed past this Saturday.

Brady Hoke’s actions were indefensible, and we can no longer stand behind his employment at Michigan.

It’s a shame Dave Brandon can, though.

This is an incredibly serious stance for anyone to take, let alone a school’s student newspaper.

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