Bob Stoops: Injury-Condition update Jordan Phillips, Zach Sanchez, Sterling Shepard and Charles Tapper

Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips, who had back surgery last year, said the rest was coming at a great time for him to recover and get his back to 100 percent. Phillips didn’t elaborate on how his back was feeling, but did note he has been practicing regularly the past few weeks.

As for cornerback Zach Sanchez, Stoops said he won’t be seeing any contact the next two weeks, hopefully allowing the shoulder he injured against Tulsa to get better and back to normal. Stoops said it was tough to see Sanchez basically playing with one arm against WVU, but said he and the coaching staff were constantly checking on his status throughout the game.

Charles Tapper went down late in the game, but Stoops said he was fine and attributed it to exhaustion. Tapper has a sickle cell trait, which could lead to very dangerous situations if Tapper exerts himself too much. It was the first time that had happened while Tapper has been at OU, and Stoops said the staff doesn’t let Tapper participate in off-season workouts with the rest of the team because of the high risk.

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