Description of what was seen in the surveillance video related to the Joe Mixon case Continued


The man appears to say something to a member of the group that doesn’t sit well with the woman, who motioned him to the group.

As he appears to step away, she shoves the man. In response, he clenches his fists and lunges at her in an intimidating way without striking her.

Then, the woman smacks the man on the left side of his face. Immediately thereafter, the man throws a right hook directly into the woman’s face. She falls into the restaurant table, then to the floor and is bloodied.

The man who appears to be Mixon exits the frame. Friends rush to help the woman who cannot stand on her own.

By 2:42 a.m., the woman exits the screen and the video is over.

After charges were filed, Mixon was suspended from the team for the entire season.

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