Description of what was seen in the surveillance video related to the Joe Mixon case.

Oklahoma_freshman_running joe mixon

NORMAN, Okla. – More than 40 media members assembled Thursday at the Norman Police Department’s Investigations Center to view surveillance video related to the Joe Mixon case.

Mixon, a five-star recruit for the University of Oklahoma, is facing charges for allegedly attacking a woman at a Norman restaurant in July.

The video, shown five times to members of the media, begins at 2:39 a.m. July 25 inside the restaurant.

As the video rolls, a group, including the woman who’s filed charges against Mixon, enters the screen and begins talking at a table. The young woman motions for someone to come talk to her group.

Shortly thereafter, a man who looks like Mixon enters the screen. Words are exchanged between he and the group.

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