Frank Shannon suspension update


The Oklahoma State Supreme Court took action Monday to allow the University of Oklahoma to enforce its one-year suspension of junior linebacker Frank Shannon, according to court documents.

The state’s highest court ruled that Cleveland County District Judge Tracy Schumacher should not have issued a stay allowing Shannon to remain enrolled at the university and part of the football team.

The Supreme Court’s ruling Monday states that Schumacher had no jurisdiction to take the case. The ruling also made clear that the Supreme Court wasn’t making any determination on Timmons’ allegations that OU violated Shannon’s constitutional rights by suspending him.

Shannon and his attorney were arguing that the suspension violated Oklahoma’s Administrative Procedures Act.

The Administrative Procedures Act stipulates that some entities aren’t required to comply with the law’s provisions, and university employees are listed among those, except in cases of expulsion.

In OU’s appeal to the Supreme Court last month, it argued that because it hadn’t expelled Shannon, the APA wasn’t applicable.





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