Gary Patterson…. Trying To Start a “Controversy” with Baker Mayfield and Lincoln Riley

Gary Patterson: “Here in 25 years, we’ve never ran through somebody’s stretch line. OU had a great recruiting weekend and we didn’t have a path to get to our side of the field. It’s their prerogative if they want to hit a kid and keep him sidelined for two weeks.”

“They all thought it was funny, to throw balls and do those kinds of things, back in those days,” Patterson said of Texas Tech, where the Sooners’ Lincoln Riley got his coaching start and where Mayfield played before transferring to Oklahoma. “It’s their prerogative. They can do whatever they want. We’re just not going to do them here.”

TCU came on to the field near where Oklahoma was warming up before the game. As TCU came on the field they ran through the Oklahoma warm-up area, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield fired a pass that hit TCU safety Niko Small in the head. Patterson Claimed the throw gave Niko Small a concussion yet he still played in the game.

The incident has resurfaced as TCU and Oklahoma prepare to meet in this weekend’s Big 12 championship game.

Riley accused TCU players of running “right through the middle” of his team’s warm-ups and said, “when you do that, things like that can happen.”





Such a respectable TCU team as you can see here

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