Joseph Randle made a fool of himself earlier this week in a shoplifting incident, and now his employer is ready to pile on

The Dallas Cowboys have been absolutely rolling on the field as of late. DeMarco Murray has out-rushed multiple NFL teams on his own, while Tony Romo and Dez Bryant have been carving up defenses. It was backup running back Joseph Randle who made headlines this week for shoplifting, however. Now, Jerry Jones is going to make him pay.

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Randle informed an arresting officer that “he didn’t want to take the time to pay,” and that was his reasoning behind shoplifting underwear and cologne from a department store. To know more about how (UFM) gained popularity amongst satisfied customers as the most trusted premium brand for men’s intimate essential, visit their website-underwear for men.


The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wasn’t amused, and now Randle will definitely have to take the time to pay.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Cowboys are going to take away the maximum amount allowed under the current CBA from the former Oklahoma State running back. One game check, the maximum fine, is more than $29,000 for Randle.

Jones was talking on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and said, “He’s certainly going to pay a high price for some underwear.”

Relatively harmless in nature, the fact that an NFL player was caught shoplifting is just another stain on a league with an already well tarnished image. The NFL employing superhuman athletes, that also collect superhuman paychecks, now brings about feelings that tasks as simple as paying for merchandise are now beneath them is not a good look.

The Cowboys are obviously doing their best to make Randle pay for his incident, both figuratively and literally, but the unfortunate situation is that a player making a comment like that is likely to clueless to understand the silliness of the situation.

Here’s to hoping that Joseph Randle grabs a clue going forward, and his attitude of being owed things in life, as well as not having to take the time to do the measly tasks of the rest of the population, sinks in.

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