Lincoln Riley’s Contract Details-Official Release

Details of head coach Lincoln Riley’s contract were officially released Tuesday by the University of Oklahoma.

While we had a general idea of his annual salary back in June, the full details are now publicly available and are as follows:


Big 12 championship appearance: $50,000
Big 12 championship win: $75,000

Non-CFP bowl appearance: $25,000
CFP bowl appearance: $75,000
CFP bowl win: $125,000
CFP National Championship appearance: $175,000
CFP National Championship win: $250,000

Big 12 Coach of the Year: $25,000
AP National Coach of the Year: $50,000

Multi-year Graduation Success Rate:
65 percent or better: $30,000
75 percent or better: $40,000
85 percent or better: $50,000
100 percent: $125,000

Salary breakdown- $3.1 million:
Base Pay- $325,000
Personal services pay (unrestricted private funds)- $1.775 million (increased by $200k every Feb 1 for life of contract)
Annual Stay Benefit- $500,000 (Paid every June 1)
Appearances/Speaking Engagements- $500,000

Use of vehicle
25 hours annually of private airplane use (personal and/or business)
28 football tickets (8 for family)
2 golf course memberships




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