The Oklahoma Sooner Seniors have some messages to share…

Jordan Thomas

“As I prepare for my last home game I’ve come to realize this has been more than a journey for me. Im not perfect and I’ve let sooner nation down a lot. I’m human and life happens. I’ve struggled with a lot this year and it’s probably been the hardest of my life but I’m giving 10000% of what I have left to my team, coaches, and staff & that means not only on the field but off the field as well. Fans, y’all have been hard on me but it’s apart of it and either way y’all have given me something to be excited about! I love my team and I thank them and all the coaches who have stuck by my side throughout my time here. Boomer Sooner. Forever and Always”




2 Jeff Badet WR 6-0 178 SR Orlando, FL
6 Baker Mayfield QB 6-1 220 SR Austin, TX
7 Jordan Thomas CB 6-0 185 SR Klein, TX
10 Steven Parker DB 6-1 204 SR Tulsa, OK
12 Will Johnson DB 6-0 185 SR Baltimore, MD
14 Emmanuel Beal LB 6-0 218 SR Columbus, OH
15 Jeffery Mead WR 6-5 195 SR Tulsa, OK
17 Jordan Smallwood WR 6-2 225 SR Tulsa, OK
20 Najee Bissoon RB 5-5 164 SR Houston, TX
31 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo DE 6-1 240 SR Houston, TX
36 Dimitri Flowers FB 6-2 247 SR SAN ANTONIO, TX
42 Wesley Horky LS 6-1 233 SR Brentwood, TN
44 Jaxon Uhles FB 5-11 255 SR Norman, OK
58 Erick Wren OL 6-1 306 SR Mesquite, TX
67 Ashton Julious OL 6-5 335 SR Florence, SC
68 Jonathan Alvarez OL 6-3 306 SR Mesquite, TX
87 D.J. Ward DE 6-2 260 SR Moore, OK
92 Matt Romar DT 6-0 295 SR Port Arthur, TX
96 Dalton Rodriguez DE 6-6 264 SR Broken Arrow, OK
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