Watch: TCU and SMU team up for one awesomely bad play


Just your typical throw off the back of the crossbar that ricochets off the upright support negated by an offsides penalty.

Let’s break down the wrong things one by one. Each one is more wrong than the next

1. SMU’s defensive end jumps offside. This is not a horrendously wrong thing, just a wrong thing.

2. TCU’s center rockets the ball backwards about two feet above the ground, such that the QB has no chance of catching it.

3. TCU’s quarterback picks the ball up and gently tiptoes the end line to ensure he does not get a safety. He realizes his momentum will carry him out of bounds and decides to huck the ball into the field of play. It does not go into the field of play. It goes off the crossbar and hits the field goal support.

The result of the play would have been a safety, were it not for the blatant offsides. Instead it’s five yards for TCU, and everybody is sad.

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